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For about the last 20 years, I’ve been passionately involved in the wellness and fitness industry. I love working with others and teaching all types of workouts to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. My passion has always been in helping others stay motivated to strengthen and take care of themselves through exercise and nutrition. As a mom of two, I strive to be a positive role model and example to my children of the importance of keeping the body active and balanced physically and mentally.If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it. I truly believe that the best project you will ever work on is you!

– CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
– CanFit Pro Group Fitness Instructor Specialist
– Certified Get Ripped! Instructor
– Get Ripped! Video Talent
– Get Ripped! Instructor Manual – Fitness Model
– Certified ‘Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Kickboxing Instructor


Are you a trainer?

Yes, I am a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Boot camp Instructor.

What is your training philosophy?

My training programs are challenging, individualized and designed to provide strategies to help my clients and class participants maintain a healthy lifestyle and balance. It’s never too late to improve your health! I enjoy helping people of all fitness levels become the best versions of themselves by creating a fun environment where the feel challenged, revived and feel accomplished after every workout. I facilitate thinking. I engage minds. I listen. I encourage risk. I support struggle. I cultivate dreams. I learn every day. I teach.

Who is your trainer?

I train and work with a few incredibly experienced athletes and role models in the fitness industry. I currently train with Stephanie Green on my heavy training days. I’ve been living a healthy and fitness lifestyle consistently for over the last 20 years.

Relationship status:

Mom of 2

Fitness Goals:

SMART: Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Time Bound

Training Plan:

Strength training: 5x per week (Upper/Lower Body on Alternate days)
Aerobic training: 30 – 45 mins – 4x per week
Flexibility / Yoga training: 2x per week
Recovery: 1x off a week


Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, other:

I love all types of workouts! High-Intensity Interval Training workouts can boost your mood by flooding your brain with feel-good endorphins, help lower insulin resistance, improve overall health and weight loss. TRX suspension training is a great portable, functional, indoor/outdoor system for building strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Yoga is a great activity for increasing flexibility and reducing stress, but the practice can do more than help twist your body into pretzel shapes and find inner peace. Yoga helps to boost your immunity, ease migraines, boost sexual performance, sleep better and fight food cravings.
* The key is to find the type of exercise that keeps you coming back for more when you’re getting into a new regimen. Consistency is key!

Nutritional & Supplements:

Magnum Neutraceuticals: Quattro Half-Baked Cookies N’ Cream Protein Isolate Formula. Primer Packs, HI-5 Amino Acids Perfected.

Special skills

Resilient. Dedicated. Embrace Change. I never give up!

What do your parents mean to you?

My parents were amazing examples of how to show gratitude, have compassion, and do your best at every stage in life, both good and bad times and taught me how to truly love unconditionally. Even if they didn’t agree with our choices, they’d tell us their opinion and try to guide us in the right direction. Life lessons that I have used in many aspects of my development and friendships. Growing up with 3 older sisters and a younger brother, I was always ahead of my time. My 3 older sisters, challenged me, encouraged me, defended me and always made me feel invincible! And made it very clear to me that if I wanted something in life, I’d have to work for it and make it happen. No one was going to hand me anything. I’ve learned that anything in life worth having comes from patience and hard work.

My parents demonstrated an active and healthy lifestyle to each of us. Some of my fondest memories at home were spent in the kitchen with my mom food prepping healthy and nutritious meals for all of us. Some of the most useful lessons I appreciate the most from my parents, was how to be FIERCE, but kind, STRONG, but gentle, POWERFUL, but humble at the same time. These are some of the traits of a true warrior!

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?

In my opinion, Status magazine is a great example of a full range of fitness enthusiasts. It attracts the attention of both males and female athletes and includes articles for all health and wellness lifestyles from beginners to advanced levels and into the competing stages of fitness.


What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover-model?

It’s not an easy job to achieve. So I always admire the individuals who grace the covers of my favorite magazines. To me, it is someone who inspires, motivates and brightens up people’s lives. Adds style and class to the fitness industry. And carefully selected to be a positive role model to viewers and aspiring fitness models.

If you could ask Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang one question what would that be?

Can you describe a typical day in the role as Editor-In-Chief of Status Fitness Magazine?

What was it like working with Warren from Healthy Vision Photography for publication in Status Fitness Magazine?

As a fitness model for workout videos and fitness manuals, for my own shoots, I look for a professional photographer with a strong work history, a portfolio that resonates with me, a successful client base and someone with a great reputation in the fitness industry. I’ve shot with Warren from Healthy Vision Photography for the last few years and every time he has captured some incredible memories of that stage in my fitness journey. Some days, I arrived not feeling my best and his patience and positive personality helps to bring a calm assurance that something magical is in the making! He truly has a healthy vision for his models.

Name six things people would not know about you:

– My mom is Portuguese and my dad is from Georgetown, Guyana
– When I was a teenager, I always thought that one day I’d be a backup singer for PRINCE.
– My childhood nickname was Tweety Bird (I was petite with long eye lashes, big brown eyes and big pouty lips)
– I love collecting vintage clothing, vintage accessories and old band t-shirts
– I love music and going to live concerts
– My zodiac sign is the Scorpio

Who inspires you?

My son and daughter are my biggest inspiration. They push me past my comfort zones and remind me of all the things I tell them. – “You can be anything you want to be.” If you can’t fly, RUN. If you can’t run, WALK. If you can’t walk, CRAWL. But by all means, KEEP MOVING! – (Martin Luther King)


Who do you wish to inspire?

I wish to inspire everyone, especially my son and daughter. I want them to look at me and say, because of you, I didn’t give up.

Transformation story:

Most of my transformation has been for my mind. To create the highest, grandest vision possible for my life. Because I will become what I believe!

Life goals:

Vitality, do what I love. Have more faith in myself! Take the next step, even if you don’t see the whole staircase.

Name five lessons you have learned:

How to be alone.
How to take a compliment.
How to be happy.
How to forgive.
How to love unconditionally.

Music and artist you listen to while training:

80’s & 90’s, Hip Hop and Dance/Pop


Favorite actors/ movies:

Olga Kurylenko, Tom Hardy / Dirty Dancing, Forrest Gump

Favorite books and authors:

– The Help by Kathryn Stockett
– Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

Name five of the most important attributes you see in a person?

High-achiever, self-confidence, discipline, sense of humor, compassion.

The advice you can give to children who want to start training?

Work with others who inspire you and lift you higher. Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded! Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. No matter how you feel (unless injured), get up, dress up, show up and never give up. Work hard in silence, let success make the noise. Stay focused, stay humble. Look in the mirror…that’s your competition!


Favorite Quotes:

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”
“Tough times never last, but tough people do” – Robert H. Schuller
“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”

Why do you love modeling so much?

I love modeling and capturing memories of my entire fitness journey. Each day is different, but every shoot from each stage in my career has taught me how to love life, honor my body and be grateful for my health and thankful that I can move, workout and strength train. I have friends and family in my life who have certain restrictions like Multiple Sclerosis, and health problems that have made even just going for walks a big daily task. Each day is a gift, Open it, Celebrate, Enjoy it!

What is your one fitness memory that stands out above all the rest?

My fitness competitions as a bikini competitor and fitness competitor are the memory that stands out above all the rest. That feeling I had during my time to shine on stage was very surreal. It was such a powerful and uplifting feeling that I can never forget. I’m usually a very shy person, so that made me very proud to push myself out of my comfort zone and just let my inner goddess shine bright like a diamond!


How do you balance being a full-time mom with your fitness ambitions?

Being a full-time mom with my own fitness ambitions is quite a challenge physically and mentally for me. I had to do many self-talks in my mind to overcome the guilt I felt for trying to fit my own workouts into our schedules. I felt selfish and always rushed. But the truth was that when I took the time to take care of myself and workout, I was in a happier state of mind and able to take care of everyone else more efficiently and attentively. When my kids were younger, my fitness included them in my long walks and I attended fitness classes where kids had activities in the facility during my workouts too. Now that my kids are older, we all lead very active lifestyles and support each other’s goals in fitness. We grocery shop together to save time and pick what each member of the family wants to help cook for our meal prep days. And we have activity calendars to keep track of the family members schedule so that we can incorporate times where we all can do something together and eat together. Those are the most important things to me.


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