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Occupation: Metal Fabrication for Hvac, and obtaining as much knowledge and experience with modification as possible for my personal interests in auto body modification! I’m also a fitness and fashion model and I’m also a published writer.

Relationship Status: Currently, the love of my life sweeps me off of my feet everyday! She is about 17 Lbs and 26” of pure perfecion, by the name of Jett Ara- bella. “Mr. Right” hasn’t found us yet, but when he does, he will have not just one but two beautiful ladies in his life. 🙂

Fitness goals: Currently, my biggest fitness goal is making enough time as a new mommy to create a habit of daily activity back in the gym in hopes of getting back on stage in 2018. It has been a challenge, but even bringing my little angel with me as my pint-sized gym partner keeps me on-track 🙂 We definitely do it together.

Bio: Like some young women growing up, I struggled with self-image and always wanting to have the “model-type” body. It was beaten into my head that the skinniest girl was the prettiest girl. Wanting to be the next top model, I knew I had the dedication to get the look of the girls I saw in the high fashion magazines because I wanted it bad enough! Knowing what I know NOW, makes me so much more passionate about spreading the word of fitness to men, women and competitors that may be impacted the way that I was growing up. Even more important now for me to pass on what I think is important to my little girl.

Accomplishments in Competition: 1st Runner-up Ms Planet Beach Omaha 2009 -3rd in Beginners Class Heartland Classic 2010 -3rd in Novice Tall Heartland Classic 2010 -3rd in Open Figure Tall Heartland Classic 2010 -Omaha Triathlon Team Finisher 2010. 1st in 2011 Nutri-Sport Natural NANBF Central Midwest Novice Figure Tall -1st in 2011 Nutri-Sport Natural NANBF Central Midwest Novice Figure Overall -3rd in 2011 Nutri-Sport Natural NANBF Central Midwest Open Figure -1st in 2011 WBFF US Central Championships Kansas City Figure Tall -6th in 2011 WBFF New England Championship Figure Tall -2nd in 2011 WBFF New England Championship Diva Fitness Model PRO Status Awarded 2012 WBFF World Championship Contender

Training Plan: My training plan at the moment consists of strictly weightlifting in a 5 day body part split. My reps between muscle groups range for 7-13 reps and sets of 3-5. My biggest focus is retaining the muscle memory for a quicker build.

Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, other: I’m an old-school ‘weights are what works’ kinda lady. I will use other techniques on occasion for myself, or for my clients who want to switch things up, but I always use a good weight lifting foundation for every program.

Nutrition & Supplements: Nutritionally, my restrictions are not as regimented as they will be closer to my goal results because I’m trying to grow muscularly from what I lost during pregnancy. I am definitely high carbohydrate, moderate protein, and fats. My metabolism works at a high speed as well as being an Ectomorphic body type. As far as supplementation goes, I haven’t strayed too far from the basics of Imsoalpha protein powder, super greens, and mental jewels.

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you? My parents mean the world to me and show me the importance of strength, and how important family is DAILY. I strive to continue the morals and values they have taught me in my own baby girl’s life in hopes that she will know the bond and power of a family’s love for each other.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines? Status Magazine has always been a top favorite of mine as far as fitness inspiration and education. Not just fitness models but athletes of all kinds are featured for their individuality in the industry as reigning examples of what it takes to be the best or the steps to take in the right direction. It’s an honor to be a part of such a leading publication.

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover model? It would be a huge dream of mine come true. I’m so inspired by the exclusivity and quality that Status puts out there for its readers, and to be featured amongst the many elite athletes that Status has shown on the covers in the past would be a life-changing experience for me.

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him? I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rodney a few times and he is one of the most headstrong, selfless professionals in the industry. He’s always so focused on the true representation of his publications as well as making a point of personally being involved with meeting his readers and models. I’d love to ask him what his take is on how the industry has progressed, and where he sees the future headed in fitness and fashion, and to inform models and readers of the next steps to take to further themselves.

What was it like working with photographer Sarah Lyons? Working with Sarah has brought so many things to my life. I honestly wouldn’t even know where I’d be able to stop with what I have learned from her professionally and personally. From the very first time I had the pleasure of working with Sarah and her crew I was treated like I was already a leading model in the industry. The attention to glamour and detail of every scene that Sarah sets is incredible. Sarah not only helped me draw out my own strengths in front of the camera but taught me so much more of how to further myself after the shoots were done. With Sarah’s advice, in many different areas, I not only advanced my career in many different directions, but I gained a sister and truly one of my best friends to this day.

 Name 6 things people may not know about you? It’s been a while since I’ve made a strong appearance, but a few things people may not know are…

1- I had a beautiful baby girl about 8 months ago.
2- My hobbies besides fitness include a passion for rare cars and learning classical mechanics.
3- Before Fitness modeling I was a 96# Runway hanger model.
4- I love and raise XXL Pitbulls
5- I’m terrified of heights and Grasshoppers ( looooong story )
6- I Love animals so much I have probably tried to take one of everything I’ve caught, as a child, home as a pet.

Who inspires you? My biggest inspiration right now is my little girl Jett. Her big beautiful eyes alone speak volumes of what she sees and can be inspired by, so I have sworn to live the rest of my life as an example for her!


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